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The Natural Solution that stands before us

Trees treated with Solbere can capture more CO2 than untreated trees

By now they're everywhere. I read about a new "solution" to climate change almost daily, and yet every one of them seems to have several drawbacks. First, they cost billions of dollars just to research whether they'll work. Second, they are not risk-free. Not by a long shot. And third, most of these solutions are at least ten years away from capturing any carbon from the atmosphere. Planting 15 billion trees, (as Senator Booker and others have proposed) is wonderful, but we have to wait for the trees to grow to the level where they can effectively capture carbon.

Many of these so-called "solutions" are still in the research phase, and most involve some type of alteration to the earth's atmosphere. Call me crazy, but it seems that messing up nature's perfect balance is not exactly the way we want to go. So here's an idea; why don't we use something that's already been in existence for hundreds of years, that has been proven

harmless to humans and the environment, and that uses nature to help combat climate change?

That's exactly what Solbere does. It's a solution made of natural occurring substances (calcium carbonate and titanium) that is simply sprayed onto plants and trees. Yes, it's that simple. It wasn't simple to create this perfect solution. In fact, it took years of research inside of a laboratory at Oregon State University. It took hundreds of hours of dedication from an agriculturalist and his partner, a light scientist, who knew they could create something remarkable. They figured out a way to extend the life of a plant leaf and in turn, capture more CO2 from the air, and in turn create more oxygen for us to breathe. Sound too good to be true? It's not, and there are countless studies to prove it. This is real science. This is a proven, effective solution that for once does not come with dangerous drawbacks. And this, my folks, is available right now. Simple. Harmless. Affordable. Proven. Solbere

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