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To the members of the Climate Solutions Caucus:

We are writing on behalf of our planet, our forests, and our future. This letter is to inform you about a climate solution that would benefit our planet in more ways than one. It’s called Solbere, and it’s available right now.

Solbere, ™ is a safe spray agent made from earthen materials, mainly calcium carbonate. When used on plants, the treatment diffuses light to enhance photosynthesis, thus increasing carbon capture and water use efficiency. This calcium-carbonate mixture improves the natural process of the plant cell by reducing the intensity of the sunlight. Trees already capture carbon, but our technology gives plants and trees a longer production time resulting in healthier, stronger, faster growing crops.

What started as a plant sunscreen has now developed into a solution that can both protect trees from forest fires and increase CO2 capture. The best part is that there’s no delay in waiting for new trees to be planted. In fact, treating existing trees is even better, because mature trees sequester more carbon.

We realize you have several climate solutions to consider. While there are many suggestions out there with good intentions, please keep in mind that this is not simply another "idea." Solbere, ™ is being used throughout the world and the farmers who use it are reaping its benefits. This spray should not be confined to agriculture use alone. When this treatment is applied to trees they will become healthier and therefore more resilient to wildfire. We believe it should be sprayed on millions of acres of forestland to increase carbon capture in the atmosphere and to protect against unforgiving and relentless fires.

With hopeful hearts, we urge you to watch our story and learn more about our solution. The climate clock is ticking. We don't have time to wait.

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