Scientific References in Peer Review Articles

Below is a list of peer reviewed articles proving the science behind Solbere and why it will solve the CO2 problem.

Articles and References by Category


Optimization of Photosynthesis Within Leaves of C3 and C4 Plants references:

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Energy dissipation is an essential mechanism to sustain the viability of plants: The physiological limits of improved photosynthesis references:

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Chloroplast Movement

Light-induced Chloroplast Movements in Oryza Species references:

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Light Absorption in Leaves

Measurement of Optical Properties of Leaves Under Diffuse Light references:

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Do Epidermal Lens Cells Facilitate the Absorptance of Diffuse Light?  references:

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Photoprotectant Applications

Foliar photoprotectant applications for improved forest health references:

Mansfield Labortory, The University of British Columbia, Department of Wood Science.

Physiological Effects of Exogenously Applied Reflectants and Anti-Transpirants on Leaf Temperature and Fruit Sunburn in Citrus references:

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