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The Secret Life of a Leaf

As shown in the photograph on the below left, chlorophyll that are working properly float freely around in a plant cell photosynthesizing. When overheated or overexposed, as seen in the photo on the right, the chlorophyll shut down and hide against the cell walls trying to protect themselves.

Think of Solbere as a revolutionary plant sunscreen unlike any other product. Solbere’s natural insulating quality prevents plant overheating and sunburn. Reducing environmental stress means the plant can photosynthesize longer, produce more nutrients, harvest more CO2 from the air and release more oxygen.

Images from OSU Electron Microscope Facility

Web Non Hiding Cloroplasts.jpg
Web Hiding Cloroplasts.jpg

How Solbere Works

Similar to human

perspiration, plants

transpire, giving off

water vapor in an

attempt to cool an

overheated system.

As a result, overheated plants

need more water to survive.

Solbere acts as a protective liquid treatment against overheating and harsh high-intensity sunlight, keeping plants cooler than normal as well as preventing excess transpiration.


                                         Treated plants 

                                         use water more 


                                         and store 



Kids Spraying0.jpg
Production Plant0.jpg
web Solbere bottle.jpg
Solbere tm transparent.png


Aloe Leaves

During photosynthesis carbon dioxide, water, and light turn into sugar and oxygen. If more Photosynthesis is taking place, the more carbon dioxide can be captured and turned into oxygen.

CO2 O2 Leaf.png

To put it simply, more oxygen equals better air. 

In our university studies, we have recorded  increased plant growth of approximately 20% in normal conditions and as much as 50% increased growth in water stressed conditions after being treated with Solbere.

With Without Solbere.jpg
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