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Our Mission

We strive for healthier forests, cleaner air, and a better tomorrow. 

Solbere Logo New_edited.jpg
Solbere Logo New_edited.jpg

Solbere is a CO2 reduction project committed to global climate change action. Solbere’s unique patent pending liquid treatment optimizes plant optics to make the environment for growth longer and more efficient. We believe in helping to create a sustainable and healthy atmospheric future through our research and development.


Solbere provides a number of environmental benefits such as increased plant CO2 consumption, oxygen output, water use efficiency and retention as well as a reduced likelihood of forest fires. Solbere is a game changer in the world of CO2 sequestration but we need to be deploying it everywhere now!

We believe that together we can help reverse current atmospheric trends. 

Be part of the Solbere solution and contact us today.

Our Founders

Bob Wheatley 


George Baker

President, Agriculturist

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